• Why Anthropology

    • Anthropology is a social sciences major that explores human diversity in both the present and the past. The major emphasizes ethnographic fieldwork and description as a perspective and as a disposition towards understanding ways of life and human action taking place in our increasingly interconnected world.

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    • Anthropology attracts a diverse set of students with a wide range of interests. Get to know them today!

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    • Anthropology features a diverse faculty with expertise in a wide range of topics and regions. Get to know them today!

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    • Our students engage with Anthropology outside the classroom through internships, study abroad, and involvement in student organizations. Check out these exciting opportunities!

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  • 01 January 1970

    Prof. Inhorn’s book is coming out soon: America’s Arab Refugees is a timely examination of the world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II. Tracing the history of Middle Eastern wars—especially the U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan—to the current refugee crisis, Marcia C. Inhorn examines how refugees fare once resettled in America.

  • 15 June 2017

    The last walk….

    preparing for ceremony…

    Anthro majors

    Graham Link: Barney Bate Award 2017

    Ronald Chen: Barney Bate Award 2017

    all the Yale-NUS 2017 Graduates…

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20 October 2017 (Fri) , 7-8 pm
Book Launch: Local Encounters in a Global City
A critical examination of various spaces of globalisation in Singapore, as seen through the eyes of young locals and ...
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13 November 2017 (Mon) , 6pm
Migration Documentary Film Series: Callshop Istanbul
Many migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East come to Istanbul in Turkey, attempting to use it as their gateway...
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9 November 2017 (Thu) , 6pm
Migration Documentary Film Series: After Spring
An in-depth look into day-to-day life in Zaatari, the largest camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Built to be a tempo...
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23 October 2017 (Mon) , 6pm
Migration Documentary Film Series: Fire at Sea
Winner of the Golden Bear at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival and nominated for an Academy Award for Best ...
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