• Previous Month, 31 Dec 2019

    Prof. Cecilia Van Hollen is the co-editor (with Carlo Caduff) of a Special Issue on “Cancer and the Global South” for the journal Biosocieties (Volume 14, Issue 4, December 2019). She has also co-authored an article with the same title in this issue. Congrats to Prof. Van Hollen!

  • Previous Month, 14 Oct 2019

    The event hosted for Anthropology Majors and Minors designed to help students get a sense of internship or career path options for them was a success! It was hosted in collaboration with CIPE and the Anthropology Department, and featured alumni and speakers from Dyson UK and Ashoka.
    Many thanks to all who came and were involved!


  • Previous Month, 26 Sep 2019

    Professors Jean and John Comaroff are Visiting J Y Pillay Professors from Harvard to the Yale-NUS Anthropology Department this semester. They met and married at the University of Cape Town, where they both studied Anthropology. They were drawn to the discipline because it was the only discipline offered that acknowledged the African context in which it was taught. They appreciated that it studied culture through a lens of respect, and with a critical eye to the colonial effects and dynamics of inequality.

    They perceive Anthropology to have shifted from the study of other cultures by the West in the colonial era, to being about anything and everything in the post-colonial era. The discipline has become more critical, less ethnocentric, and more involved with historical context of study. When asked about their experience in Singapore, they said they find Singapore a fascinating place to study Anthropology based on the complex structure of the society and the state. Their advice to budding anthropologists at Yale-NUS is to follow your passions. As Prof. Jean Comaroff said, anthropology will never be mainstream, so one must have a reason to do it. They urged students to never believe what they see, and to accept that they will be discomforted in the world because the world is a discomforting place, which is part of what makes the discipline of Anthropology important. They said anthropologists must use their passions and the things they learn as a call to action. Prof. John Comaroff added, the work should always be interesting, because the world will never cease to be interesting.

    This semester, Prof. Jean Comaroff is teaching a class called Ethnography as Theory and Practice: Classical and Contemporary Readings, and a class called Medicine, Culture, and Modernity. Prof. John Comaroff is teaching a class called Theory from the South: A Critical Perspective, and a class titled Anthropology of Politics and Law: An Introduction.

    Yale-NUS Anthropology Department enthusiastically welcomes Professors Jean and John Comaroff. We’re so happy to have the opportunity to study with you this semester!

  • Previous Month, 21 Aug 2019

    Prof. Cecilia Van Hollen has just published the paper 2019 May the Vital Force Be with You: An Indian homeopathic doctor’s approach to the gendered ills of our time. In Arima Mishra, ed. Local Health Traditions: Pluralism and Marginality in South Asia. Delhi: Orient Blackswan: 291-310. Congratulations, Prof. Van Hollen!

  • Previous Month, 13 Jul 2019

    Congratulations to Senior and Anthropology major Audrey Lim ’20 on her featured article in the Straits Times! In the article Audrey talks about how she found and connected with anthropology through her semester abroad in the Indian Himalayan region, and how she hopes to use her anthropological skills to combat inequality and social violence in the future.

    Read the full article here:

  • Previous Month, 05 Apr 2019

    Congratulations to our Anthropology Majors in the Class of 2019 for finishing your capstones! You have worked so hard on your year-long projects and should be proud of what you have accomplished.

  • Previous Month, 29 Mar 2019

    One of our students, Kristian-Marc James Paul, has been chosen to be the Yale-NUS Graduation 2019 Student Speaker. Kristian is deeply invested in deconstructing gender, race, and other social inequities in Singapore. He was the inaugural Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Yale-NUS Student Government, and was a Residential College Advisor (RCA) during his final year. He was also a Sexual Wellness Peer Educator and helped run Yale-NUS’ gender dialogue group, SPACE. He will be giving his speech during this year’s Graduation Ceremony on May 13, 2019. Congratulations Kristian!

  • Previous Month, 15 Mar 2019

    Prof. Erik Harms, a visiting associate professor from Yale University, will be presenting his paper, “Speculation Speculation: Everyday Views of Property Investors, Urban Planning, and Developers in Ho Chi Minh City” at the National University of Singapore’s Department of Geography.

  • Previous Month, 14 Feb 2019

    Dr. Alder Keleman Saxena will be presenting her paper, “Layers, Patches, and Potatoes: On the emergence of feral agro-ecologies in the Bolivian Andes” at National University of Singapore’s Department of Sociology 2019 Seminar Series.

  • Previous Month, 14 Mar 2019

    Prof. Neena Mahadev is presenting a talk, “Is the New Politics Secular?” at the New Politics Conference at the Australia-India Institute in the University of Melbourne.