• Previous Month, 27 Sep 2018

    Prof Zach Howlett is presenting a paper at the conference “Gender, Education, and Global Delays in Marriage,” organized by Nancy Smith-Hefner and Marcia Inhorn at the MacMillan Center of Yale University on September 27-29. The talk is entitled “Counterfeit Boyfriends and Ghost Brides: Education, Rural-to-Urban Migration, and Delayed Marriage in Contemporary China.” It showcases some of Prof Howlett’s new research on education, family, and gender.

  • Previous Month, 22 Nov 2017

    Prof. Marcia Inhorn’s new book is coming out: America’s Arab Refugees is a timely examination of the world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II. Tracing the history of Middle Eastern wars—especially the U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan—to the current refugee crisis, Marcia C. Inhorn examines how refugees fare once resettled in America.

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    The last walk….

    preparing for ceremony…

    Anthro majors

    Graham Link: Barney Bate Award 2017

    Ronald Chen: Barney Bate Award 2017

    all the Yale-NUS 2017 Graduates…