Our Alumni

Our Anthropology alumni have gone on to pursue careers in NGOs, museums, academia, the arts, journalism, consulting, government, and law, among others.

Margaret Schumann, ’17, has shared her experience graduating as an Anthropology major from Yale-NUS:

“Majoring in Anthropology at Yale-NUS provided me with both the methodology and flexibility to study a topic of interest: migration. As an Anthropology major, I returned to my native country of the United States to learn about the US-Mexico border for my study abroad, a choice that led to a summer internship and my current position with a legal nonprofit working on immigration detention. I feel lucky to have been able to learn from and with the Anthropology faculty at Yale-NUS, and continue to be grateful for its influence on me.”

Ronald Y. Chen, ’17:
“Anthropology at Yale-NUS has allowed me to do a number of research projects in different countries while also learning Arabic, Hindi, and Indonesian. I am finishing up a teaching stint at the National University of Singapore, and am excited to return to the Middle East for a language scholarship and research scholar position. Being able to constantly learn about the cultures, politics, and histories of various regions excites me greatly, and I now bring my anthropological lens to everything.”