Course Modules

Module CodeModule TitleCross-listed Major
YSS2210Contemporary Social Theory
YSS2215Sociology of Religion
YSS2223Religion, Ritual and Magic
YSS2226Language, Culture, Power
YSS2227Introduction to Anthropology
YSS2228Modern Southeast Asia Global Affairs
YSS2229Are You What You Eat? Anthropology of Food and Eating
YSS2230Ethnic Diversity in JapanGlobal Affairs
YSS2231The Anthropology of Politics and Law: An IntroductionGlobal Affairs, PPE, Law-Liberal Arts
YSS2232Medicine, Culture and Modernity
YSS2240Women and Work around the WorldGlobal Affairs
YSS3201 International MigrationGlobal Affairs, Urban Studies
YSS3202EthnographyGlobal Affairs, Urban Studies
YSS3223Asian Medicine, the Body and GlobalisationGlobal Affairs
YSS3231Methods in the Social SciencesGlobal Affairs, PPE, Urban Studies
YSS3237Gender Perspectives in Anthropology
YSS3253Anthropology of Development Global Affairs
YSS3254Globalisation on the Ground Global Affairs, Urban Studies
YSS3268Anthropology of China Chinese Studies
YSS3277The Anthropological Imagination
YSS3287Global Environmental Change: Anthropological ApproachesGlobal Affairs
YSS3290Culture and Reproductive Health and MedicineGlobal Affairs
YSS3293Christianities in Cross-Cultural PerspectivesGlobal Affairs
YSS3295Comparative International EducationGlobal Affairs
YSS3309Technology and Culture
YHU3327Social Practice ArtArts and Humanities
YSS4103Anthropology Capstone Project
YSS4208AAdvanced Topics in Anthropology: Reproductive TechnologiesGlobal Affairs
YSS4209Signs and the StateHistory, PPE
YSS4210Critical Global Public HealthGlobal Affairs
YSS4213Community Development: In Search of the Kampung SpiritUrban Studies
YSS4215Sexual Economies
YSS4216The Anthropology of Popular Culture
YSS4228The Anthropology of Dreams and Sleep
YSS4229Anthropology of Human RightsGlobal Affairs, Law-Liberal Arts
YSS4235Religion and the Media TurnGlobal Affairs
YSS4236Medical AnthropologyGlobal Affairs
YSS4241Multispecies Ethnography
YSS4242Urban Ethnography of AsiaGlobal Affairs, Urban Studies
YSS4244African Atlantic Perspectives
YSS4245Anthropology of ViolenceGlobal Affairs
YSS4246Anthropology of Education
YSS4250Gender and Sexuality in South AsiaGlobal Affairs
YSS4252Theory from the South: Critical Perspectives
YSS4253 Ethnography as Theory and Method: Classical and Contemporary Readings