Course Modules

Module CodeModule Title
YSS1204Language, Culture and Power
TBAIntroduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology
YSS2209The Anthropological Imagination
YSS2223Religion, Ritual and Magic
YSS2225ATopics in Anthropology
TBAEthnic Diversity in Japan
TBASubject, Person, Self: Persons and Selves across Cultures
YSS3237Gender Perspectives in Anthropology
YSS3253Anthropology of Development
TBAAnthropology of Human Rights
TBAThe Anthropology of Dreams and Sleep
YSS4103Anthropology Capstone Project
YSS4208AAdvanced Topics in Anthropology
YSS4210Critical Global Public Health
YSS4215Sexual Economies
YSS4216The Anthropology of Popular Culture